What is Perpetual Care?


What exactly is perpetual care? It is money set aside from the sales of the cemetery to maintain the cemetery and both crypts and lots over time. That money is placed in an irrevocable trust which is overseen in Kentucky by the Attorney Generals office. The principle cannot be touched, only the interest off of that principle which is earned from investments in government bonds.


Every cemetery in the state of Kentucky must start out by having a deposit into a perpetual care fund of at least 20,000, 30,000, or 50,000 dollars depending on local population.  The fund will be paid into for each sale of lots, mausoleums, columbarium crypts and below ground crypts in the amounts of 20%, 5 %,  5%, and 10% respectively according to the gross selling price of each grave space and crypt.


According to the Attorney Generals office for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, perpetual care is money set aside from cemetery sales to pay for the upkeep of the cemetery items described in subsection (2)(a) of the below section.  The principal amount will be “invested in government bonds and only the interest may be withdrawn and used for the future care and maintenance of such items, and to accomplish this purpose shall cause to be established in a financial institution authorized by law to administer trust funds, or in any other financially sound entity with the prior written approval of the Attorney General, an irrevocable trust fund to be known as a perpetual care and maintenance fund. The income of such funds shall be used solely for the general care, maintenance, and embellishment of the cemetery, except as otherwise provided herein”.


Green Hills Memorial Gardens currently has over $500,000 in its perpetual funds which will insure the future upkeep of the cemetery grounds.  Due to the poor economy and the low yields from government bonds the interest we are receiving is very low currently which places fiscal limits on our garden at this time. Once the cemetery sells out the full number of lots our perpetual care fund will exceed one million dollars which will leave a more than adequate amount of money to take care of the cemetery in perpetuity.

Perpetual Care