Grave Locator

We have designed this section to help all the families for Green Hills Memorial Gardens.  We have included the Garden Map handout which we give to our customers as well as the individual garden maps we use in the office to help locate all of our lots within each garden.  In the future we will be including our cemeteries’ database in a format which will enable the user to find and locate their loved ones in any of the gardens at Green Hills.

The database is a project started by Sam Mars Jr. in the Spring of 2011 and completed in the Summer of 2012.  The database includes all known interments from original records dating back to 1958 when the original cemetery was begun.  At that time the name was “Roselawn” and many people inquiring today still reference that name.

At this time please call our office to obtain the grave location lot number and then you may reference the individual garden page to locate the actual grave.  Please note that the lot numbers read left to right (1,2,3,4) in all of our gardens except one, Last Supper which reads right to left (4,3,2,1) .