The cemeterys' Columbarium or Niches is located below the Military Memorial which is located between Veterans and Faith Gardens.  There are singles and double niches available.

Private Family Mausoleum

In-Ground Entombment

In-Ground Burial Lots

We have three Private Estates with some space available next to the Chapel Mausoleum and adjacent to the Garden of Prayer.  Spaces are available but we can sell single up to six space mausoleums in a variety of sizes and styles.

Aboveground Entombment

Niches (Columbarium)

Bronze Cremation Lawn Crypts

Our mausoleum has both single and double spaces available.  You may also choose from indoor Chapel as well as outdoor Patio locations. There are seven levels available in the Mausoleum with prices varying according to location of space.


In-Ground Burial Memorials


We sell both single and companion memorials from the Granite Bronze Company.  We have a catalog full of options including full Ledger Memorials which cover the entire grave.  There are different options when it comes to size, color and design of all these grave markers available.

We have 12 gardens throughout the cemetery.  There is space available especially in the newer gardens.  Family Estate Sections are available in multiples of four up to any size , especially in the newer gardens.  Check with the office for availability and locations.

We have several in-ground entombment options available

For those who wish to be cremated and yet wish for in-ground entombment we have these lawn crypts available with a wide variation of options and designs from the Granite Bronze Company.

We have several aboveground Entombment options available.