Garden Rules and Regulations

To have a beautiful cemetery and to facilitate mowing and grounds keeping from March 1stthrough October 3rd the following rules must be followed.

1.      No stands, baskets, jars, cans, or free standing containers will be permitted.

2.      Flowers may be placed in vase memorials only.

3.      For new graves, flowers may stay for 7 days only.

4.      No extra decorations of any type allowed during Summer mowing season period.

5.      All grave markers are to be flat and have a bronze memorial plate with or without vase.

6.      No grave is allowed to have shepherd hooks during the mowing season to prevent injury to mowers.

7.      Small metal temporary markers will be removed one week after funeral due to mowing risk.

8.      Grave markers will be placed on grave only after payment received.

9.      For a complete listing of other Rules and regulation please see office staff.