The Green Hills Memorial Gardens website (greenhillsproperties.com) is provided as a public service by Green Hills Properties, and is intended to be used by the public for viewing, retrieving and providing voluntary information. Unauthorized attempts to upload or change information on this website are strictly prohibited and may be punishable under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986.

All information on this website regarding both the funeral home and the cemetery is provided by the owners of Green Hills Properties and may be distributed or copied with permission from the owners.  Those seeking permission may contact the owners at the address given or by using the “Contact Us” link on the website. 

We openly invite the public and family members to submit any corrections regarding Interments, to include names, Dates, Garden location, funeral home or Interment dates listed by submitting a request for correction to the Green Hills Memorial Gardens Office located at the entrance of the cemetery outside the gates. 

Please keep in mind that the dates in our databases are NOT death dates.  We only use actual burial dates or “Interment” dates to our records which are almost always several days following the actual date of death.